"Pull for our Heroes": More Highlights and Videos from Julie's Trap Shoot benefitting Patriots Path.

Sep 30, 2011

Hosted by LongShot Records Recording artist & Celebrity Shooter Julie Ingram. "Pull For Our Hero's" brought out the best of the best American shooters & hearts. Leestown (the current holder of the trophy) held their own and won again! Being the 10th anniversary of 9-11 and Patriots weekend (MIA-POW's) kept the memories and participants focused on the annual Open/Invitational Trap Shoot.

"It was such an honor begin with singing the Star Spangled Banner after the touching introduction of Col Oliver North and Cpl Dakota Meyer and looking into the crowd seeing Maj Jim Land." Julie & her Long Shot Guys split up into their teams and shot with over 100 other participants while others were entertained by The Britt Hammond Band & Ty Brown during lunch. Julie and her band took the stage at the completion of competition and sang her moniker songs ie: LongShot Girl and Gone To Kentucky- just for Dakota since he was born in Greensburg, Kentucky and was leaving the shoot to go straight to the white house to receive his Medal of Honor. Her most touching are always her patriotic standards, however she announced the release of her newest single to test the crowd and it was a huge success. THANK GOD will go to radio Oct. 24th and there is never a dry eye in the audience once they hear her redemption.

Her song for Dakota, called MY BROTHER, she had to pull and simply quote as she and Dakota make a pac that neither wanted to cry in remembrance of loved ones lost. It was the first song Julie wrote at 10 yrs. old while both of her uncles were in Vietnam and one lost in action that finally came home with a purple heart. It really says it best when you think of a hero and Dakota's feeling of "why" he is the one standing here".


(Intro is spoken)
We can't scape the responsibility
Adversity makes a hero
We should never forget his loyalty
He died for you and me
He died for the U.S.A.
My brother passed the test last Friday
We got the letter today
The sergeant said in his letter
your brother he was brave
My Mother cried all yesterday
and she's still crying today.
My father said if only
my brother was not so brave
Now this affects each and every one of us
in it's own special way
search your hearts and ask yourself
Do you deserve what you've got today
He died for the USA
The paper said he's a hero
We should be proud
ALWAYS REMEMBER He died for the USA for you & me

The Celebrity Shoot will be an annual event and the winners and shooters scores are all posted on the Patriot Path's website. Quote from celebrity Men's Shirt Designer Cody Hammond of New York, whom also survived 9-11 was it was so refreshing and a "Picture perfect day" shooting up into the clouds and not having to see those building tumbling down on TV one more time! God Bless to All!

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